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Ghee: This is my favorite cooking fat and used in over 90% of my recipes. Ghee has been used in households across India for centuries and is made from clarified butter. It is lactose free, has a high heat tolerance, and filled with healthy fats. I prefer grass-fed organic ghee. My favorite brand is Pure Indian Foods.

Indian Spices: My most commonly asked question from my followers: “What spices do you use and where do you get them from?” Indian spices are plentiful and create the aromatic and robust flavors that you will find in Indian cuisine. The most common are turmeric, red chili powder, coriander powder, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, dried fenugreek leaves, Garam Masala, cinnamon, cardamom, bay leaves, and cloves. I highly encourage you to shop for the aforementioned spices so that you can make all of my recipes! I shop for all of my Indian spices from Pure Indian Foods.

Coconut Aminos: The paleo/gluten-free go to for a soy-free substitute for soy sauce. This product is made from the sap of coconuts, and tastes just like soy sauce. You will find this in some of my Asian inspired recipes! My favorite brand is Coconut Secret.

Himalayan Pink Salt:
This is my go-to salt for all cooking and seasoning. Himalayan Salt is harvested from the heart of the Himalayan Mountains. Formed over the last 250 million years, it is considered the purest salt in the world as it is virtually free of pollutants and toxins. It is much better for you than your normal table salt which has lots of toxins and is bleached so that it is white. My favorite brand is Sherpa Pink, and I buy it in bulk from Amazon.

Coconut Milk: I always have a stash of coconut milk on hand for adding to coffee, soups, dips, and entrees for extra creaminess and as a dairy substitute. I intentionally buy coconut milk that is full fat and free of gums and other additives which are usually in most products on the shelves of your grocery stores. My favorite brand is Native Forest Simple Organic Unsweetened Coconut Milk and Native Forest Organic Unsweetened Coconut Cream, and I buy these in bulk from Amazon.

Almond Flour: This is my absolute favorite form of flour for all gluten-free/paleo baking needs. This is made purely from almonds and creates a texture that works well for cakes, breads, and other baked goods. My favorite brand is Bob’s Red Mill, and I buy it in bulk on Amazon.

Coconut Flour:
My other go to gluten free flour made purely from coconut. This is used in combination with almond flour, or on its own. Most recently, I’ve found it extremely useful in gluten free Indian desserts – you’ll find several of these in my recipe index. My favorite brand is Bob’s Red Mill, and I buy it in bulk on Amazon.

Grain-Free Tortillas: Since going paleo/gluten free, I’ve been searching for a grain-free tortilla that is allergy friendly. Enter Siete Foods and Positively Plantain tortillas. These things are heaven sent and you’ll find several taco recipes on my blog using these. You can purchase Positively Plantain using my affiliate link in the “shop” section of my website. Use code “RAODYRECIPES” for 20% off your order.

Date Sugar: Ever since going low-sugar and being free of refined sugars in my daily cooking and food consumption, I’ve discovered the amazing benefits and taste of date sugar. This is just finely ground dates, nothing else, and is naturally super sweet and adds great flavor to my desserts in lieu of refined white sugar. My favorite brand is NOW Foods and I buy it on Amazon.

Coconut Sugar:
I’ve also found coconut sugar to be just as versatile as date sugar and have been recently experimenting with it in my desserts and baked goods. It’s made purely from coconuts and lower glycemic than most other sugar alternatives. My favorite brand is Nutiva and I get it on Amazon.

Grain Free Bread: Ever since going grain free, bread was always missing in my life. Luckily there has been incredible innovation in the food industry. Enter AWG Bakery bread. This bread is incredible and my absolute go-to grain free bread. I use it for sandwiches, toast, and anything else you’d ever need bread for. It comes in a variety of flavors. You can purchase AWG Bakery grain free bread on the “Shop” section of my website. Use code “RAODYRECIPES10” for 10% off.

Nut Butter: Since going paleo/gluten free, nuts and seeds have been a great source of protein for me. I use Ground Up PDX and Georgia Grinders nut butters because they’re clean, free of refined sugars and oils, and truly create butter from raw nuts & seeds. You can purchase Ground Up PDX nut butters on the “Shop” section of my website and use code “RAODYRECIPES” at checkout.

Refined Sugar Free Chocolate: Ever since going paleo, I’ve found refined sugar free chocolate to fulfill all of my baking needs and sweet cravings. Luckily there has been incredible innovation in the food industry. Enter Hu Kitchen Chocolate. This bread is incredible and my absolute go-to for chocolate. They have chocolate gems (chips), snacks, and chocolate bars that are free of dairy, refined sugars, processed ingredients, and emulsifiers. You can purchase Hu Kitchen Chocolate on the “Shop” section of my website. Use code “RAODYRECIPES” at checkout.


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