Mindful Indian Meals

Mindful Indian Meals is a collection of 65+ recipes that have been inspired by author Shivangi Rao’s Indian heritage and American upbringing expressed creatively through food. This cookbook will be published in April 2022 and is available for Pre-Order now!

Pre-order Mindful Indian Meals by Shivangi Rao today!

Mindful Indian Meals was written and photographed by Shivangi Rao, designed by Leanna Weller Smith founder of Weller Smith Design and edited by Elisa Ung.

Something had to change. I needed to find a way to merge the flavors of my childhood with ingredients that would nourish my body instead of hurting it. After years of messes and failed kitchen experiments, eventually, I found ways to combine my culture, my favorite flavors, and my modern approach to eating for health optimization.

Introduction, Shivangi Rao

Pre-order Mindful Indian Meals by Shivangi Rao today!

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