The Power of Three

Three words: Black Lives Matter.

Trikonasana (triangle pose) is symbolic of the power of three, which we witnessed this past week. @yogamattershq explains it beautifully. “In Hindu and yogic teachings, the power of three can often be captured through “Trimurti” which are the three elements of creation, preservation, and destruction. This sacred grouping of Brahma (creator), Vishnu (preserver), and Shiva (destroyer) symbolize the three cycles of manifestation and nature. Essential yogic teaching is the ability to understand and accept this cycle of three, as it’s inevitable we’ll all move though it fully at some point. When we can observe the cycle of three in everyday life, we’re able to connect more to the fact that everything changes and that change is an inherent part of nature. When practicing an asana, the creation process could be the move towards or into the shape and everything accompanying it; the mental process of figuring out how to get there, the perception of ability, the limbs reaching out, and the articulation of joints. The process of preservation could be the ability to sustain the posture and all that happens within the shape; the movement of breath, the mind chatter and glimpses of stillness, the engagement of muscles, and stretching of tissue. Finally, the destruction aspect of a posture or anything else for that matter can be understood more readily instead of transformation. For nothing is ever annihilated, only transformed from one matter to another. Shiva, the lord of destruction, doesn’t govern the ability to totally wipe something out and figuratively ‘delete’ it, but the movement of transformation from one state to another, just as fire transforms wood to ash or water to steam.”.Over the last week, the world finally woke up and came together under these three powerful words: Black Lives Matter. The world shifted. Change occurred. Personally, I listened. I learned. I connected. And I am now moving to the next phase of action. To truly commit to the transformation of our society to recognize one race: humanity.

This is the power of three. #blacklivesmatter ✊🏿🏿


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