Garam Masala Sweet Potato Mash

Garam Masala Sweet Potato Mash

Sweet potato mash is heavenly. I prefer it to regular mashed potatoes. Sweet potatoes are also packed with nutrients which is a plus! What makes this even more exciting is the flavor combo when combined with warm Indian spices like garam masala, which is a blend of cinnamon, coriander, cumin, and more. I add coconut […]

Green Bean Casserole

Indian Spiced Paleo Green Bean Casserole

Ok, there’s really nothing better than green bean casserole. Growing up, I ate the super processed kind. You know, the kind that uses canned green beans, canned cream of mushroom soup, and French’s pre-packaged fried onions. Yeah… Luckily, I’ve moved onto MUCH better versions (no, really) of this delicious dish. I’ve infused some Indian flavors […]

Indian Pulao Stuffing

Grain Free Indian Pulao Stuffing

Thanksgiving just isn’t complete without stuffing. Growing up, I only ever ate American stuffing, typically with celery, apples, and herbs. It was comforting and delicious. To go with the Indian-fusion theme of many of my Thanksgiving dishes, I wanted to make a stuffing that celebrated Indian flavors without losing out on the structure and elements […]

Delicata squash salad

Indian Roasted Delicata Squash Salad

There’s nothing better than festive and seasonal fall salads. This salad is absolutely gorgeous, with warm fall colors and lots of flavor. Delicata squash is such a versatile fall squash that is probably my favorite, even more than butternut squash! It’s sweet and pairs beautifully with warm spices, including Indian ones like garam masala. I […]

Pumpkin quesadillas

Masala Pumpkin Quesadillas

Savory and spicy seasonal quesadillas. It’s fall and that means pumpkin recipes galore. They’re everywhere, and I can’t get enough. I know most people are into sweet pumpkin recipes, but I dig a savory pumpkin recipe. Pumpkin is actually widely used in Indian cooking, and it’s often flavored with lots of warm and tangy spices. […]

Lettuce Wrapped Asian Cauli Bites

These fun little cauliflower bites are such a perfect way to host a dinner party. They use clean, sauces by Coconut Secret that are Asian-inspired and utilize grain free flours to crisp up the cauliflower. They pack a ton of flavor while remaining refined-sugar free and free of processed ingredients. They’re easy to grab and […]


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